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For When It Is Time For Bed

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For When It Is Time For Bed

Hello everyone and happy new year. With Christmas over, some of us tend to find January a dreary month. With so much darkness at either end of the day, I sometimes wish we were evolved to hibernate. I often count the minutes down for when it is time for bed (whilst my children love putting Mummy to bed, it doesn’t feel quite right). Sleep is essential for your health and wellbeing. This month I am focusing on how to achieve a wonderful looking bed, without breaking the bank balance. Making changes to your bedding is also an ideal way to create a new look in your bedroom . So it may be worth hitting the January sales to pick up a bargain – I am sure you will enjoy the benefits night after night.

time for bed - bedroom with botanical wallpaperAs an interior designer it is not for me to suggest mattresses, duvet fillers and pillow types; however, it is a fact that the more you spend, the better they will feel. My one tip would be to invest in really high quality (400+ thread count) pure white fitted sheet and pillowcase. Your body has the most contact with these items so will take pleasure in the benefit of the softness, while white will go with any colour scheme. Then the duvet cover and other pillows can be of a lower quality. Now is the time to shop around for these items, maybe online if you know what you are looking for.

As I say in all of my work, a great home is a true reflection of your personality. So when it comes to choosing bed covers go for colours and patterns that you absolutely love, in order for your personal style to come out. If you are happy with your bedroom colour scheme and don’t wish to change it, choose bed covers in colours that coordinate, but maybe mix things up with different patterns and textures. You could even inject a contrasting accent colour that would give a fabulous new look to the entire room. This can be enhanced with coordinating accessories such as throws, vases or picture frames. I plan to follow my own advice by introducing teal to my white, grey and purple bedroom that will add depth to the scheme.

Next, consider adding throws and cushions that will both enhance your bed while also being practical in giving warmth. This is a perfect way to bring in different textures such as velvets, satins and wools for that bit of luxury.

Once you have chosen your perfect bedding, the next question is how to dress your bed. I like a bed to look beautiful, but also approachable i.e. you don’t have to battle with too many bed covers when it is time for bed. Scatter cushions are a must, as even though they may be discarded each night, they create the look and feel. There are no set rules but try not to overdo them as, again, this is about your personal style. I enjoy symmetry so prefer an orderly look of pillows to the back with two rows of cushions layered in front. If you have a fabulous bed frame worth showing off, tuck your duvet under the mattress for a neat, tailored look. Fold blankets or throws over one or two times and lay across the foot of the bed.

Finally, make sure that your room smells great. By adding a scent diffuser filled with your favourite fragrance to your bedside table you will please another of your senses both morning and night

Your bedroom is your nest, a comfort zone that will hold you cocoon-like from the rest of the world. So for when it is time for bed you deserve the very best.

Thanks for reading and sweet dreams.