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What’s In A Colour?

Blog Post - What's in a colour

What’s In A Colour?

Well hello Spring and your gorgeous colours! Dark and dreary school runs have been transformed by beautiful blossoms and brightly coloured flowers. We get a lot of Magnolia trees where we live, and I can’t help pointing their beautiful buds out to my kids – not that they show any interest, they’re teenagers and glued to their phones. Oh well, at least they bring me joy. And this got me thinking: what’s in a colour?

I always use colour in my designs; to add life and personality. Pale neutrals are safe, but sometimes you just want that little bit more. I love to dig deep to find colours that really resonate. It’s so important to enjoy the space we live in and the right colours will make sure you do just that.

Every year the experts at the Pantone Color Institute select their Colour of The Year. They make their choice on analysis of trends, fashion, entertainment and socio-economic conditions. That colour can influence many products, including home furnishing. For 2019 they’ve chosen Living Coral – a vibrant, yet mellow shade of orange. In their words, this colour “embraces warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment”. I have to agree with them.

Being half Dutch, I am naturally drawn towards orange and I love how the Netherlands celebrate their nation with it. The warmth and gentle energy of Living Coral is wonderful as a bold accent against a muted backdrop. Above you can see how I’ve added a perky orange chair to contrast a natural wood floor and pale walls.

Pantone Love Symbol colour for Prince Sticking with Pantone, they recently created a new standardised colour called ‘Love Symbol #2’ in honour of international music genius and superstar, Prince. Yes, I’m a fan. So you can imagine how much I adored seeing him play in Manchester in 2015. It’s an experience I’ll never forget and probably why purple always makes me happy. Being careful not to overdo it, I’ve used purple in my own home precisely because it evokes such wonderful memories. One of my favourite pieces is a purple winged back chair. It makes a fabulous statement in my living room and I’m absolutely certain it’s what he would’ve wanted.

Your home is your own personal space, a place where you can truly be you. So, what’s in a colour? I say it’s something that can satisfy your soul, so use it well.

If you’d like to talk about introducing more colour into your home, get in touch. I’d be delighted to see what we can do.